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We choose the finest lean cuts of British beef and transform them into a tasty jerky snack that’s handmade, healthy and portable.

Only the Best Beef

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, best tasting jerky possible. Our beef comes from pasture-raised native breeds that are grass-fed on Northumbrian farms. The meat is hand-sliced nice and thick before being smothered in marinade and left for at least 18 hours to fully absorb all the flavours. It is then slowly air-dried for 10 hours which gives our jerky its satisfying bite and chew.

Lean but not Mean

Big T’s jerky is made from lean, whole-muscle meat with the fat trimmed away by hand. 240g of beef, once marinated and dried, yields 100g of jerky. It’s a healthy, high protein, low carb snack that’s packed with nutrients. A popular choice for people following diets such as Paleo, Primal, LCHF/Ketogenic and Atkins. It’s also a big hit with CrossFitters, cyclists, runners and fitness enthusiasts.

That our beef comes from grass-fed cattle is important, too. These cattle are pasture-raised on Northumbrian farms and get to roam around outdoors munching on grass as nature intended.

All Natural Ingredients

You hate additives and preservatives, right? So do we. Big T’s Jerky is entirely free from artificial ingredients, nitrates, MSG and GMOs. All of our marinades contain some natural salt, and some a little honey. We use these to enhance and balance the flavours in our jerky. But we’re mindful of keeping them to a minimum.

Artisinal Attention to Detail

Big T’s Jerky is made by Antonio Morales, a chef with a keen interest in fitness and nutrition who works and lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. In addition to selecting the finest cuts, Antonio prepares the marinades from scratch and trims the beef by hand.

Testament to his unwavering passion for food, Antonio sources ingredients from around the world and takes great satisfaction in experimenting with new flavour combinations.


Want to Know More?

Antonio’s on hand to answer your questions – email him or ask on Twitter.




Our brief history of jerky begins in South America. It was here, in the 1500s, that wise Quechua (Inca) tribesmen purportedly prepared meat, such as buffalo, by removing the bones and fat before slicing and rubbing in salt. These treats were rolled in the animal’s hide and left to dry, before being further sun dried or smoked. Yum!

Jerky, then, is derived from the Quechuan ch’arki meaning ‘burn meat’.

Some argue it was Native Americans who developed an early version of the jerky we all know and love today but, either way, what’s clear is that the extended shelf life afforded by drying and curing the meat was advantageous.

A Novel Snack in the New World

Conquistadors arriving into the New World swooned when they discovered a meat product that didn’t have to be eaten immediately. Settlers were taught how to prepare this tasty treat, later getting creative by adding different seasonings before curing. Soon, charqui was a staple foodstuff of these proficient pioneers – easily transportable, tasty and nutritious.

A faithful companion for travel and exploration

Recognising it as an essential source of nutrition, making jerky was something of a survival skill for explorers and traders in North America. The age-old technique of seasoning and drying was now being applied to turkey, goose and other wild game meats.

A Jerky Revolution

As the industrial revolution arrived, jerky was produced for mass consumption.
The same is true today, of course, but artisans around the world are reclaiming this convenient meat snack. At Big T’s Jerky, we’re delighted to be part of the movement dedicated to producing delicious jerky in the way our forefathers did: from animals that haven’t been raised quickly on a cocktail of grains, hormones and antibiotics and without artificial flavours or preservatives.

Today – lean, high-protein and super-delicious

Jerky is ‘fast food’, but not as you know it. Grab a bag and take it with you. Big T’s Jerky does not need to be stored in the fridge and doesn’t spoil easily, making it the ultimate in convenience food.

Jerky is also rich in protein and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals rendering it popular with CrossFitters and people following Paleo, Primal and Ketogenic diets. It’s also a healthy snack for the rest of us too!

Reinforcing jerky’s portability and nutritional value, it’s also enjoyed by military troops around the world. Contact us if you want to surprise your serving loved one with a bulk box of Big T’s Jerky




Retail / Stockists

Are you a shop, pub or gym that would like to stock our jerky? Just drop us an email at bigtsjerky@gmail.com

The Naked Deli – 231 Chillingham Road 0191 9087260

The Cumberland Arms – Ouseburn Newcastle 0191 2651725

Bierrex – 82 Pilgrim Street Newcastle 0191 4477720

Dat Bar – 11 Market Street Newcastle 0191 2441513

Bodyguards Fitness – Clayton Road Newcastle 0191 239 9000

Unique Fitness – 11 Howdon Lane Howdon

Coppers 8-8 – 17a Princes Road Brunton Park 0191 217 0043

Vamos Social – Market Street Newcastle

Settle Down Cafe – 61-62 Thornton Street Newcastle 0191 2220187

Perfectly Paleo – www.perfectlypaleo.co.uk

Lime Distribution – www.limedistribution.co.uk

Dene’s Deli – 244 Desmond Road Newcastle – 0191 2818200

Caveman Corner Shop – www.cavemancornershop.co.uk

What Is Jerky?

Jerky is a portable snack made from strips of lean meat. It is usually flavoured with a marinade or dry rub and then air-dried in large dehydrators at low temperatures. The air-drying process slowly removes all of the water content which is about 60% of  the weight. It is packed in oxygen-free bags so it does not spoil. This means it can be carried anywhere as it does not need refrigerating.


Jerky can be eaten as a snack in the same way as crisps, nuts or popcorn. It can be used as a post-workout muscle-fueling protein boost as it contains a whopping 25g of protein per serving. It is also popular with walkers, cyclists, festival goers or anyone on the move due to its portability and long shelf-life.



Jason Robinson
I have just been fortunate enough to try a bag of your Herbalicious and I can honestly say that is the best jerky I have had
JK Newcastle
Clean, lean and honest - that's the Big T way. Truly the best of the British Jerkies!
Sarra Dally - London
I know I talk about food all the time, but this is the best beef jerky ever! @BigTsJerky #tender…
Ken - Cheltenham
Buy this stuff people! This guy really knows how to make beef jerky. Best I've ever tasted!
Phoenix in Flames
Wow @BigTsJerky has MAJOR skills. This tamarind chipotle is sweet-sour-smoky goodness! And the beef is INCREDIBLE!!
The Battlebox UK
Just received one of the best Beef Jerky I ever tested.Thank you guys!!
Gary Knox - Knox Fitness
#Herbalicious! Oh my goodness! This jerky is amazing! I need to stock up on more of your amazing jerky!
James Maule - Newcastle
Best jerky ever tasted in my life, hand's down. Cant wait to get stuck into my Sechaun Ginger :) Could it top XXX Hot?!
Tony BBrewdog
Just received some of your jerky and thought it was phenominal. Both the pork and the chilli beef were fantastic. It's nice to see someone making awesome artisanal and experimental jerky in the UK!
Paleo Britain
I just tried the Chilli Beef flavour for the first time and it was insanely delicious!






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