Taste of the North Review

The North East has a great array of livestock dotted all over the place to use for different purposes whether it be breeding, butchering or using for dairy. So its always good to see North East food producers making the most of our countryside and surroundings to create greatness that is out of the ordinary.

With that in mind, I must take my hat off to the team at Big T’s Jerky. I recently tried two types of their jerky and I must say for me it is a winner on a number of levels.

Another Great North East Food Producer

Another Great North East Food Producer

I tried the Smokey Barbeque & Chilli Beef flavours as I love big tastes. The Smokey Barbeque packs a really deep flavour and a lovely smoke aftertaste that lingers on your palate for a little time thereafter. The chilli beef is a ‘cockle-warming’ recipe of spiced beef that gave me a warm glow down my throat. The heat was not too intense but the hint of chilli got the blood pumping in the back of my throat. Incredible tastes and flavours.
I said that it was a winner for a few reasons. Obviously one was taste. The next is that their Beef is reared in Northumberland and raised on grass in the open air. Another reason is the nutritional value as jerky is lean muscle meat trimmed of any fat, Big T’s jerky is also free from any artificial stuff. Just 100% goodness. The last reason why it is a winner is that there are so many uses for their packs as they don’t need refrigeration. The jerky is great fuel ideal for walking, hiking, cycling, running, everything that you can do in the North East landscape. You could say that they were custom made for the north from the north!!
Visit to buy online, they also are on Twitter @BigTsJerky

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